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Grouping to Gardisten Karl Kammerer of the 4. Kompanie Leibgarde Infanterie Regiment nr. 115 (1. Großherzoglich Hessisches). He saw action in the battles at Roye and Neuve Chapelle.


6.6.1915 he was severily wounded by grenade shrapnels at Chilly (Somme) and was finally discharged on the 9th of October 1916.


 The grouping consist of:

 - Militärpass
 - Urkunde Verwundetenabzeichen
 - Urkunde EK 2
 - confirmation EK 2
 - document 1. Ersatz Btl. Infanterie Regiment nr .115


condition: good, normal aging traces. Militärpass is complete and all documents have been folded.

1. WK Leibgarde Konvolut: Militärpass+Urkundes 4.Komp. Leibgarde Inf. Rgt.115

SKU: 19091
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