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2x Soldbuch+Wehrmacht Führerschein to Obergefreiter Fritz Arendt  who was born on the 28th of January 1913 in Bernburg, Saale.


His first issue  soldbuch was opened in September 1939  with the 1. Pionier Park Kompanie 541 stationed in Dresden.


He was promoted to Gefreiter on the first of  October 1940 while serving in the 1. Pionier Park Kompanie 541  and to Obergefreiter on the first of March 1943 Nachschub-Zug (mot.) 87


He served in several units e.g. 12. Komp. Infanterie Rgt. 534, 5/Panzer Grenadier Rgt. 113 and Nachschub Kompanie (mot.) 87, part of the 25. Panzer Division.


His second issue Soldbuch was opened on the first of August 1944 with the Genesenden Kompanie/Panzer-Grenadier-Ersatz- u. Ausbildungs Btl. 40


On the left of the second issue Soldbuch the following is mentionned: Das 1. Soldbuch ist in Russland durch Feindeinwirkung verbrennt, dated 1.8.1944

In my opinion he just lost his first Soldbuch and found it afterwards.


No awards were entered in the Soldbücher.




first issue Soldbuch: traces of wear, complete and nothing denazified. Never had a passphoto

second issue: only the front cover has been denazified, complete. It looks there has been a passphoto in it, but that it was removed.


Wehrmacht Führerschein: issued the 12th of January 1943, while serving in Nachschub-Zug 87. never had a passphoto

2x Soldbuch+Führerschein Obergefreiter Inf. Rgt.534+Nachschub Komp.87

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