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Photo Album belonging to a FLAK soldier who served in the 2. Batterie of Reserve-Flak-Abteilung 604.


The album consists of approx. 200 pictures:


65 pictures showing civil life motives and mostly sailing related pictures (Flensburg, Friedrichshaven,...)
17 pictures while serving in the RAD
115 pictures showing mostly the Westfront campaign in Belgium and France. (Festung Dinant-Lüttich, pictures of Wavre and Brussels, destroyed French tank between Charleroi-Brussels, camouflaged FLAK, vehicles, etc). Also 5 pictures of a visit to the Tannenberg memorial, Feuerstellung Schwarzstein (Landkreis Rastenburg, Ostpreussen),...


The album also contains a very large, seperate picture of the owner


condition: cover has normal traces of aging

Flak Photo Album campaign Belgium-France 1940

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