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Soldbuch+ extra paperwork to Fallschirmjäger Obergefreiter Michael Baues . The soldbuch is a "Zweitschrift" issue and never had a picture. Michael Baues served in the 3./Fallschirmjäger Pionier Btl. 2 that was destroyed during the battles at Brest.


Michael Baues received 3 awards during these famous battles:


01.09.1944: War Merit Cross second class with Swords
11.09.1944: Iron Cross Second Class
12.09.1944: Erdkampfabzeichen (Ground Assault Badge)

signed by Carstens


18.9.1944 he was a POW in a "Zeltlager" in Bretagne and was taken to England where he was in several POW camps.


The soldbuch comes with a portrait of Baues as POW  in England (dated May 1947), his certificate of discharge and 2 documents when he finally returned home.

Condition: the soldbuch is complete and in a good condition. 

Soldbuch Fallschirmjäger POW Brest, 3./FSJ Btl. 2

SKU: 19072
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