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Grouping to Unteroffizier d. Reserve Werner Hagemann of the 10. Batterie/ Artillerie Regiment 195,  part of the 95. Infanterie Divsion.

The grouping consists of :


- Wehrpass
- framed picture in uniform

- Lehrbrief

- Zeugnis Fachschule
- Arbeitsbuch (1929, pages are loose but complete)
- Führungszeugnis
- Abschrift  des Chefarztes (confirmation of his death)

- Brief eines Kameraden (condolence letter from a fellow soldier of his regiment which was sent to the widow)


Werner Hagemann was born on the 7th of April 1912 in Werther. He started his military career in the Reichswehr  as Kanonier in the 14./Artillerie Regiment Münster from the first of November 1934 till the 12th of October 1935.


He was called up again as reservist in July 1938  and served in the 2. Batterie of Artillerie Regiment 16. He was promoted to Gefreiter on the 21st of October 1938. On the first of August 1940 he saw his final promotion to Unteroffizer.


Werner Hagemann was decorated with the Westwall Medal (Deutsches Schutzwall-Ehrenzeichen) on the 20th of April 1940 .


He served with the 10. Batterie of Artillerie Regiment 195 during the campaign on the Westfront and saw action in France ( Maginotlinie). From the 26th of February till the 26th of June 1941 he was part of the occupation forces of the 95. Infanterie Divsion in Belgium and Northern France.


From the 27th of June 1941 his regiment was moved to the Eastern Front. During the battle of Kiev he was severily wounded. Werner Hagemann eventually  died in the Reserve Kriegslazarett I in Krakau on the 20th of October 1941.


condition: good, all documents are folded.


Grouping Wehrpass Artillerie Regiment 195+framed picture+documents

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