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Soldbuch to Flieger Obergefreiter Günther Weber who was born on the 6th of Dezember 1923 in Magdeburg.


His soldbuch was opened on the first of May 1942 in Halberstadt, 4. Rekr. Kp. Flieger Ausbildungs Regiment 42.


He was promoted to Gefreiter on the first september 1943 serving with the 2/Feldersatz Btl. der Luftwaffe Kreis 2 and to Obergefreiter on the first of September 1944  while being in training to become a pilot (Flugzeugführerschile A112 Schülerkompanie). There's an additonal paper between page 16-17 stating that he was medical fit for duty as Wehrflieger.


He received a big variety of clothing including Tarnjacke, Tarnhose, Tarnhaube and Armbänder while serving with the Luftwaffe Begleit Kompanie 2/VIII and off course his pilot gear.


He was awarded the wound badge in black on the 22nd of May 1943 and the Erdkampfabzeichen on the 2nd of June 1943 for his actions at the Eastern Front.


He served in various units and ended with the Fest. PAK Kompanie 65/X.


Some various Merkblätter are attached at the end of his soldbuch. The back page has been perforated, but also contains a newspaper/magazine image of the Erdkampfabzeichen with the award criteria for this badge.


condition; good, complete

Luftwaffe Soldbuch Feldersatz Btl LW+ Flugzeugführer 2 awards

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