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Postcard/Postkarte Ritterkreuzträger Kapitänleutnant Hans-Werner Kraus  by Bildarchiv Krupp-Germaniawerft Kiel.


Kraus served as 1st watch officer on U-47 from January 1940 until November 1940 having replaced Engelbert Endrass. He later commanded U-83 and U-199. The latter was sunk on her first patrol leaving only 12 survivors on 31 July, 1943 by aircraft near the Brazilian coast


Captured, he was sent as a POW to the United States. Kraus was one of the 25 POWs who escaped from Camp Papago Park, Arizona, during the night of 23–24 December 1944 but was recaptured.


Hans-Werner Kraus received the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross on the 19th of June 1942 as commander of the U-83


size: 10,5 cm x 14,5 cm


condition: unissued, good

Postcard/Postkarte Ritterkreuzträger Kapitänleutnant Werner Kraus

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