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Hoffmann Postkarte/Postcard R161  Ritterkreuzträger Major Bruno Kahl


 During the summer of 1943, Kahl was posted to the Army's Schwere Panzerjäger Regiment 656 and served with this unit during the Kursk Offensive. For his successful command of the Regiment during the ill-fated Offensive, Kahl was awarded the 270 Knight's Cross with Oak leaves on 8 August 1943. Major Kahl then spent some time as Commander of the Panzerschule at Erlangen before being appointed to command Panzer Regiment Grossdeutschland on 1 October 1944.


size: approx. 9 cm x 14 cm



condition: good

Postkarte/Postcard Eichenlaubträger Major Kahl Panzer Reg. Grossdeutschland

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