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Soldbuch+Erkennunsgmarke with pouch+ Paperwork to Grenadier Walter Köcher who was born on the first of  December 1927! at Pömmerle (nowadays Povrly, Tschechien)


His soldbuch was opened in February 1945  with the St. Kp./Grenadier Ersatz Btl. 19

The unit was stationed in München(Wehrkreis VII) 


After his training with the St. Kp./Gr. Ers. Btl. 19 he was quickly transferred to the Feldersatz Btl. 661 which was part of the 114. Jäger Division. This division saw action in Nothern Italy 1945 where it was destroyed with the remaining elements surrendered to US-troops


The soldbuch comes with his dog tag (good condition) in a puch and some POW-paperwork


condition: his soldbuch never had a passbild, nothing denazified, complete

Soldbuch+Erkennungsmarke+Paper Grenadier 114. Jäger-Division Northern Italy

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