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Soldbuch+ Portrait+Wehrmacht-Führerschein to Oberjäger Otto Sechting  who was born on the first of August 1908.


His soldbuch was opened in June 1942 in  Magdeburg with the 2. Komp. Kraftfahr Ers. Abt. 31

This is a typical Soldbuch for a late war Fallschirmjäger that came from the ground troops at the end of the war.


He was promoted several times with his last promotion to Oberjäger on the first of May 1945!  while serving in the 3./ Fallschirmjäger Regiment 161 which was under the command of Oberstleutnant Udo von Alvensleben.


After the war ended it seems that he stayed active in the 20. Fallschirmjäger  Division in Oldeborg according to his Wehrsold.


Nice to see that he was sworn in (vereidigt) on the fifth of May on Großadmiral Dönitz. See page 14 of the Soldbuch.


The soldbuch has 2 covers for some reason which were both denazified.


condition: denazified, complete, traces of aging

Soldbuch+Führerschein Fallschirmjäger Regiment von Alvensleben Holland 1945

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