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Soldbuch to Gefreiter Rudolf Penner, who was born on the 13th of May 1901 at Marienburg.


Typical late war Soldbuch that was opened on the 23rd of February 1945 with Marsch Btl. XX and nicely stamped Ersatz- und Ausbildungs- Regiment Feldherrnhalle.


Grenadier Regiment 1078 was entered as Feldtruppenteil which was part of the 542. Volks-Grenadier-Division. The division was pushed back by the Red Army at Graudenz at the end of February 1945 and finally into the Hel Peninsula during the Soviet East Prussian offensive and surrendered in April 1945.


Soldbuch: traces of wear, complete and nothing denazified. Never had a passphoto

Soldbuch Gefreiter late war issue Feldherrnhalle- Grenadier Rgt. 1078

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