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Soldbuch to Oberfeldwebel Willy Siegner , born in 1910 at Waverwitz, Löbau. The soldbuch is a first issue from November 1939, 4. Kompanie Kraftf. Ers. Abt. 3


He  started his career as Oberkraftfahrer and reached the rank of Oberfeldwebel on the 13th of November 1942


He received the War Merit Cross  Class with Swords on the 20th of July 1942 serving with the Heeresfilmstelle.


On the 17th of April 1943 he was awarded the Wound Badge in Black when he served in the Infanterie Ersatz Rgt. Großdeutschland. After spending some time in the lazarett he was transferred to his final unit: Kraftfahr Regiments Stab z.b.V. 3


He was discharged on the First of May 1945 because of medical reasons.


condition: soldbuch is complete with picture, nothing denazified
                      cover page has been perforated


Soldbuch Oberfeldwebel Heeresfilmstelle/Großdeutschland/Kraftfahr Abt. z.b.V.

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