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Soldbuch+Urkunde Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz+ Verwundetenzettel to Grenadier Willi Schöneberg who was born on the 13th of April  1913 in Dreileben.


His soldbuch was opened on the third of August  1944  with the Grenadier Ersatz und Ausbildungs Btl.497. The unit was stationed in Bernburg (Wehrkreis XI)


After his training  he served in Grenadier Regiment 89  (part of the 12. Volksgrenadier-Division) and saw heavy action against US-troops during the Battle of Aachen where he was wounded. His original Verwundetenzettel is included in the grouping.


He was awarded the Wound Badge in Black on the 12th of December for being wounded on the 14th of November 1944 during the battle of Aachen.


Included is also his Flüchtlings-Meldeschein Flüchtlingsdurchgangslager Friedland/Leine and a lazarett Heimatkarte.


condition: only the front cover has been denazified, soldbuch is complete.
                      Urkunde: folded, in a used condition



Soldbuch+Urkunde VWS+ Verwundetenzettel Grenadier Regiment 89, Endkampf Aachen

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