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Soldbuch+Wehrpass(Zweitschrift)+Kennkarte+Pictures to Obergefreiter  Martin Rothe. He was born on the 2nd of August 1923 in Osterfeld Kreis Weißenfels, Mersebürg


Rothe started his active military career in March 1942 with the Schützen-Ersatz-Bataillon 101 stationed at Leisnig.


He was trained with the K98,  Handgranate 24, schweres Maschinengewehr 34 and schwere Granatwerfer.


Rothe was promoted  to Gefreiter on the first of April 1944 and finally, on the first of January 1945,  to Obergefreiter.


After training with  the Schützen-Ersatz-Bataillon 101 he saw actionin Stalingrad with the 5./Grenadier Regiment (motorisiert) 8 which was part of the 3. Infanterie Division. The regiment was deployed north of Stalingrad at the Tartarenwall to defend the north flanks of the 6. Armee. After the encirclement of the city, the 3.Infanterie Division was ordered to build a new front near Karpowka in the south and Marinowka in the west. The division finally retreated to reach the city outskirts on the 23rd of January 1943 after suffering heavy losses. He was awarded the Wound Badge in Black (16.1.1943) and was hospitalized out of Stalingrad before the capitulation of the 6. Armee.


After the Stalingrad battle, the regiment was redeployed in the French Pyrenees on the first of March 1943 and the divsion was renamed to 3. Panzergrenadier-Division. After the capitulation of Italy on the 8th of September he saw action at the Anzio-Nettuno front against the. American forces. He was transferred to Bäckerei-Kompanie (mot.) 3 on the 2nd of May 1944. Rothe received the War Merit Cross Second Class with Swords on the 15th of July 1944. Most probably he went into captivity in Italy since his Gefangenschaftnummer was entered in both his Soldbuch and Wehrpass.


His Deutsches Reich Kennkarte (complete with passphoto) and 6 pictures (2 portrait pictures and 4 small sized pics) are included.




Wehrpass: second issue, complete with passphoto, nothing denazified and in a good condition
Soldbuch: in a used condition, complete with passphoto, nothing denazified

Soldbuch+Wehrpass+Kennkarte Grenadier Regiment 8 Stalingrad-Nettuno

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