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Soldbuch+Wehrpass to Obergefreiter Johann Egelseer. He was born on the 6th of May in Retzelfembach,Kreis Fürth


Egelseer started his active military career in August 1941 with the 1.A./Flieger Ausb. Regiment 53, Standort Diepholz


He was trained with the K98,  Pistole 08, Maschinengewehr 15 and the Maschinengewehr 42


Egelseer was promoted  to Gefreiter on the first of October 1942 and finally, on the first of September 1943,  to Obergefreiter.


After training with  the  Flieger Aus. Rgt. 53 he served in the Fliegerhorstkompanie Delitzsch in Sachsen (21.11.1941-12.8.1942). Then Landesschützenzug 3/XI (13.8.1942-14.12.1942)


From August  1942 till the end of the war he saw action in (Nord) Finnland and Norway with several regiments. Luftwaffe Feld-Regiment 503 which became the Grenadier Brigade 503 (part of the 20. Gebirgs-Armee) that saw heavy action in the battles at Petsamo and Kirkenes and finally he served with Gebirgsjäger Regiment 143.


He was awarded the War Merit Cross 2. Class with swords on the 9th of February 1944 and the typical late entry for the Lapplandschild on the 20th of July 1945.




Wehrpass: complete with passphoto, nothing denazified and in a good condition
Soldbuch: in a clearly used condition, complete with passphoto, nothing denazified

Soldbuch+Wehrpass Obergefreiter Fliegerhorst+ Gebirgsjäger Rgt. 143 Finnland

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