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Wehrpass and Portrait to  Schütze Franz Mennecke from Greppin, Bitterfeld.


He started his military career on the first of July 1941 in the Kriegsmarine:


1/7/1941 till 6/3/1942: 4./13. Schiffsstammabteilung Saßnitz

7/3/1942 till 6/4/1942: Kommandantur Marinetruppenlager Waren Stabskompanie
7/4/1942 till 31/7/1942: 6./1. Schiffsstammabteilung
1/8/1942 till 26/8/1943: Kdo.31 Schiffsstammabteilung = Marine Bewährungseinheit


He was then transferred to a penal unit of the Heer which was often done to give the soldier a chance to "rehabilitate".

from 1/9/1943 till 5/10/1943: 5. sch. Infanterie Ersatz Btl 500
6/10/1943 till 21/10/1943: Marschkp. 500/5

22/10/1943 till 27/2/1944 Stabskompanie Inf. Btl 500 z.B.V. (campaign in Russia)


On the 15th of February 1944 he was wounded at the Eastern Front while serving with the Infanterie Bataillon 500 z.b.V 500. He was KIA on the 27th of February 1944 at Nowo-Alexandrowka.


As often seen with the Wehrpasses of the so called Bewährungseinheiten no entries for promotions or medals were made.


Some pages are not scanned because no writings were entered, but they are however in the wehrpass. 


Condition:  wehrpass is complete and in a good condition

Wehrpass Franz Mennicke Bewährungs-Bataillon 500+ Marine Bewährungseinheit

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