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Wehrpass to Hauptfeldwebel Herbert Brandt, who was born on the second of November 1911 in Magdeburg.


He  started his military career with the Luftnachrichten Rgt.1 Bernau and served with the Legion Condor during the Spanish Civil War.


Then he served with the 9./Luftnachrichten Regiment 1 which was reformed to the 9. Luftnachrichten Regiment 32 in 1941. He participated in the Poland campaign, from 9.6.1940 till 10.3.1941 Einsatz gegen England im Operationsgebiet Kanalküste, Russia ( Kampfraum Mitte) and finally Italy. (13.1.1942 he was deployed in Sicily (Messina). He remained in Italy till 15.5.1945


He was trained with the K98 , Pistole08, MG13 leichtes Maschinengewehr and Stielhandgranate 24. He followed several trainings from 1936 till 1938 mainly as  Fünker and an Unteroffizier Lehrgang


Brandt was prromoted several times and reached the rank of Hauptfeldwebel on the first of July 1942. 


1936 Gefreiter, 1937 Obergefreiter+Unteroffizier, 1940 Feldwebel, 1942 Oberfeldwebel and finally Hauptfeldwebel 


He was decorated with the War Merit Cross 2. Class with Swords on  14.12.1940,  Dienstauszeichnung 4. Klasse, Spanienkreuz in Bronze mit Schwertern and  Medalla de la Campana(Legion Condor Erinnerungsmedaille)


The Wehrpass comes with about 50 pictures, different sizes and motives: early pictures in Bernau, Russia, Italy, Sicily, destroyed buildings in Oostende (Belgium), 2 passport photos with the Spanish Cross in wear, civilian pictures etc, certificate of discharge, paper to exchange Italian Lires to Reichsmarken.


Condition:  wehrpass is complete, nothing denazified, cover page is used and has been perforated

Wehrpass+pictures Hauptfeldwebel Spanienkreuzträger Luftnachrichten Rgt. 32

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