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Wehrpass to Feldwebel Ernst Krüger.


The wehrpass has a lot of entries and comes with a picture in uniform instead of the more common civilian picture.


He started his military career with the 3./motorised pioneer btl. Magdebürg on 1/11/1935. His military service ended on 29.9.1937.


Shortly before the invasion of Poland he was drafted up again. He participated with Nachschubkompanie 13 in the invasion of  Poland, Belgium and France (e.g. Schlacht um Dünkirchen/ Dunkirk). He followed several trainings e.g. Kraftfahrer, Panzernahbekämpfung from 25.5.1943 till 8.6.1943 at the Pioneer trainings facilities at Angers, France.


He was decorated with the War Merit Cross 2. Class with Swords on  20.4.1943 and the Iron Cross Second Class on 17.10.1943.


Ernst Krüger was KIA on the 26th of March 1944 at Ssebjachi, Witebsk Region in Belarus while serving with the 3./Pionier Bataillon 246


Some pages are not scanned because no writings were entered, but they are however in the wehrpass. 


Condition:  wehrpass is complete and has  a lot of entries, but the booklet is loose from its cover

Wehrpass Pioneer Feldwebel Krüger,Panzernahbekämpfung Angers, gefallen 1944

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