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Wehrpass to Stabsgefreiter Johann Feja. He was born on the 25th of September 1915.


Feja started his active military career in November 1937 with the 2. Kavallerie Regiment 13 in Lüneburg.


He was trained with the K98, leichtes und schweres Maschinengewehr 34, Säbel and Seitengewehr.
He followed additional training as Kavallerie-Pionier and Reiter.


Feja was promoted  to Obergefreiter on the 25th of October 1940 and finally, on the first of February 1943,  to Stabsgefreiter.


From 9.1.1941 till 25.1.1942 he saw action with Aufklärungs-Abteilung 129 (129. Infanterie Division) at the Eastern Front e.g. Bialystok, Wjasma, Kalinin,... He became ill and returned to Germany to recover. He served in some reserve units  and returned to the Eastern Front as part of Grenadier Regiment 428. He served in this regiment from 16.10.1943 till 29.8.1944  and saw action in Rschew, Newel,... On the 29th of August 1944 he was declared MIA, most probably he was KIA during the defensive battles at Bialystok


He was awarded  the Ostmedaille (7.9.1943), EK2 (21.11.1943), EK 1 (28.7.1944), Wound Badge in Black (10.8.1944) and Infantry Assault Badge (2.9.1944 posthumously)


condition: in a used condition, some pages are loose
                      nothing denazified and complete

Wehrpass Stabsgefreiter Grenadier Rgt.428, 129. Inf. Div., 5 awards

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