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2 private pictures of Generalfeldmarschall Walter von Reichenau decorating Waffen SS Troops in camo at the Eastern Front with the Iron Cross Second Class.


Notice the picture on which von Reichenau placed his field marshal baton behind the belt of the SS soldier to decorate him.


Von reichenau was commander of the 6th Army during the campaign in Belgium and France. He also commanded the 6th Army during Operation Barbarossa capturing Kiev, Charkow, Kursk,... and was later promoted to Oberbefehlshaber der Heeresgruppe Süd. He died the 17th of January 1942.

size: 8,5 cm x 11,5 cm

condition: good, described on the back, 1 picture is album removed with the traces on the back and upper right corner on the front

2x pictures EK2 Ceremony Waffen SS with Walter von Reichenau

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