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4 original SS Feldpost letters sent by Oberwachtmeister der Gendarmerie Willi Stiller. All letters were sent to his wife in Breslau during the period of February and March 1944 when he was stationed in Minsk, Belarus.


Notice the very rare stamping on the letters:

"der Kommandeur der Gendarmerie Weissruthenien" x2

"Schutzmannschaftsbataillon  nr 47" both in European and Cyrillic alphabet x2


The Schutzmannschaftsbataillons were formed by local volunteers and were used as auxiliary police units in the occupied territories.


condition: good, all envelopes are complete with the letter



4x SS Feldpostbrief SS Gendarmerie Minsk- Schutzmannschaftsbataillon47

SKU: 20022
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