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5 private pictures of Knight's Cross Holder Heinz Nacke, Zerstörergeschwader 76 '"Haifischgruppe".

He was awarded the Knight's Cross on 2 November 1940 for 12 victories.


- close up picture of Heinz Nacke wearing the Ritterkreuz ( 6,5 cm x 9 cm)

- Nacke wearing his awards saluting the commander, most probably just after receiving his RK (6,5 cm x 9 cm)
- 2 pictures of Nacke(with RK in wear) and other high-ranking LW officers while conducting Japanese!  delegates around  the base. Notice the  typical Haifischgeschwader planes  (6 cm x 6 ,5 cm x2)

-Nacke while inspecting a bomb (6 cm x 9 cm)


condition: good

5x private picture RK Träger Heinz Nacke ZG 76 "Haifischgeschwader"

SKU: 20085
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