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Rare personalised propaganda letter with picture made  by Eichenlaubträger Friedrich Jakob as reply to a young man who wrote him. In this letter Friedrich Jakob describes the brotherhood between soldiers and the adventurous life of being a Wehrmacht soldier. Finally he calls up the young man to enlist as volunteer for the Wehrmacht


The letter comes with 8 unissued postcards which were made for Hauptmann Jakob as addition to these type of letters.


Friedrich Jakob (*18.3.1910 Ehringshausen; + 9.9.1994 Mainz)


*EK2: 11 June 1940

*EK1:  28 Ocotber 1940

*DKIG: 1 Dezember 1941 as Hauptmann of II. Btl./Infanterie Regiment 105

Knight's Cross on 4 March 1942 as Hauptmann and commander of II. Btl. / Infanterie-Regiment 105 

*681st Oak Leaves on 18 December 1944 as Major and commander of Volksgrenadier-Regiment 1149


He was also mentioned in the Wehrmachtbericht (16 November 1944). On the eight of May 1945 he went into Russian captivity and was released on the sixth of January 1950.



Eichenlaubträger Friedrich Jakob Recruitement Propaganda Letter+Picture+Postcard

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