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Grouping to Obergefreiter Karl Niehoff of the 1./Div. Füs. Batl. (A.A.) 329,  part of the 329 th Infanterie Divsion.

The grouping consists of :


- Urkunde Eisernes Kreuz  2. Klasse, issued the 29th of October 1944 when he was part of the 1./Div. Füs. Btl.21 (L), part of the 21st Luftwaffen Felddivsion

- Urkunde Infanterie Sturmabzeichen, issued the 20th of November 1944 when he was part of the 1./Div. Füs. Batl. (A.A.) 329

- Wehrpass with original envelope of the Wehrmeldeamt, complete with picture, both awards were entered, nothing denazified

- Übersendungsschreiben zum Wehrpass

- Übersendungsschreiben  Urkunde Infanterie Sturmabzeichen und EK 2

- Sterbeurkunde x2, Geburtsurkunde, Quittungskarte der Ehefrau

-  ein handgeschriebener Brief des Kompaniechefs

-  2x Foto Zivil (5 cm x 7 cm) (18 cm x 23cm)


Karl Niehoff  started his active military career in May 1941 with the Flak-Abteilung 24.

 He was trained with the K98, Scheinwerfer G 150,  Pistole 08, MP 38-40 and Panzernahbekämfungsmittel


He was promoted to Gefreiter on the 1 st of Dezember 1941 while serving with the Res. Flak Scheinwerfer Abt. 508?. On the first of June 1943 he saw his last promotion to Obergefreiter, serving with the 1. lei/ Luftwaffe Artillerie Regiment 21 (part of the 21. Luftwaffen-Feld-Division)


He was decorated with the Iron Cross Second Class on the 29th of October 1944 and the Infantry Assault Badge i. Silver  on the 20th of November 1944


While serving with  the 1./Div. Füs. Batl. (A.A.) 329  he was severly wounded by a headshot during the battles in Lettland. He died in a hospital train on the way to Libau on the 22nd of October 1944.


condition: good, all documents are folded.

Grouping Wehrpass+ Urkunden Ogfr. 329.Infanterie Div., LW Felddiv ,Lettland 1944

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