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Hoffmann postcard R217 of Generaloberst Hermann Hoth with original signature. He commanded the 18th Infantry Division(occupation of Sudetenland), XV Motorised Corps (invasion in Poland), 3rd Panzer Group (Operation Barbarossa), 17th Army (Ukraine) and the 4th Panzer Army (battle of Kursk)


Ritterkreuz: 27.10.1939 as General der Infanterie and commander of XV Army Corps


25th Oak Leaves on 17 July 1941  as Generaloberst  and commander-in-chief of Panzer Group 3


35th Swords on 15 September 1943 as Generaloberst and commander-in-chief of 4th Panzer Arm



size: 9 cm x 14 cm

Hoffmann Postcard with Originalunterschrift Generaloberst Hermann Hoth

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