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Hoffmann postcard of Luftwaffe Bomber Ace Major Joachim Helbig with original watime signature.


Major Joachim received  the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross after 75 missions (Invasion of Poland Norway, Belgium, Battle of Britain,...) on the 24th of October 1940 serving as Staffelkapitän in the 4. Staffel, II Gruppe Lehrgeschwader 1. 


He was then transferred to the Mediterranean theater where he bombed Malta, the British Mediterranean Fleet and flew in support of the Afrika Korps. Helbig received the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords  on the 28th of September as  Kommandeur  of the I. Gruppe Lehrgeschwader 1 for the support of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel's 1942 summer offensive.


The postcard was sent as Feldpost (nicely stamped with Feldpostnummer 37399= Stab Lehrgeschwader 1) to a HJ-boy named Theo Smets. Some more original wartime signed postcards, which were sent to him, will follow in future updates.


size: 9 cm x 14 cm


condition: normal traces of aging

Hoffmann Postcard with Originalunterschrift Major Helbig Lehrgeschwader 1

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