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Hoffmann postcard R152 of  SA-Gruppenführer Bernhard Hofmann with original signature. Wolff commanded the XXXIIII Army Corps.


Ritterkreuz: 26.9.1942 as Major and commander of Infanterie-Regiment 427  (129. Infanterie Division) for his actions at Rschew, Eastern Front


22.10.1942 he was promoted to SA-Gruppenführer

31.5.1943: leader of the SA-Gruppe Hochland in München

10.1944-1945 Gaustabsführer des Volkssturms Gau München-Oberbayern

25.4.1945-28.41945: Kampfkommandant von München


size: 9 cm x 14 cm


condition: good

Hoffmann Postcard with Originalunterschrift SA Gruppenführer Bernhard Hoffmann

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