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 SA Sportabzeichen i. bronze+ Sport Award Booklet with cover (SA Wehrabzeichen Urkunde) issued to SA-Scharführer Fritz Volz, born on the 19th of February 1923 in Pforzheim.


Booklet (with  protective cover) is complete with passphoto. Volz was awarded the SA Wehrabzeichen in Bronze on the 2nd of April 1941.  It also comes with his Besitz-Zeugnis to the award, complete with passphoto.


The SA Wehrabzeichen i. bronze  is in good condition and maker marked Berg &Nolte AG Lüdenscheid. The abzeichen did clearly not belong to Volz, but it's a ncie addition to complete this  set.


condition: good

SA Sportabzeichen in Bronze Berg& Nolte AG mit Urkunde+Hülle

SKU: 22134
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