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Soldbuch to Unteroffizier Otto Müller who was born on the 12th of July 1913 .


His soldbuch was opened in August 1939 in  Magdeburg with the Landesschützen Bataillon XVII/XI


He was promoted to  Gefreiter on the first of  December 1939 serving in the Landesschützen Bataillon XVII/XI (part of  Division z.b.V. 428 stationed in Graudenz)  and to Unteroffizier on the first of May 1941  while serving in the Landesschützen Bataillon 717.


In Dezember 1943 he was with the  Grenadier Ersatz Btl. 590, which was stationed in Holland. In 1944 he was transferred to the "Georgische Legion". On page 17 his last unit was the Freiw.-Stamm-Rgt. 1


This unit was formed  in January 1944 in southern France and was used to train "cadre" for the units made up by volunteers from the Soviet Union( Georgians, Armenians,...) and  was used for operations against the French Resistance. Finally he went into French captivity.


-Soldbuch cover
-Certificate of discharge
-Certificat de depot de fonds
-Letter from his wife while he was in French captivity


condition:  this soldbuch has "been there", pages 13-14 are missing, some other pages are loose
                       however complete with passbild and nothing denazified

Soldbuch Georgische Legion+ Erkennungsmarke France 1944

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