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Small Marine Artillery grouping to Friedrich (Fritz) Meier from Wuppertal.


The grouping consists of:


- Soldbuch, complete with picture
- Arbeitsbuch
- 3x Portrait Picture

- 1938 Bescheinigung
- Ausweis Ernähhrungsamt Wuppertal

- Certificate of Discharge

- Quittungskarte 1947

- Certificat de dépot de fonds for his time as a POW in French captivity


His soldbuch was opened on the 25th of May 1941. Feldpostnumber 41645 refers to Marine-Artillerie Abteilung 604 which defended the Channel Islands from October 1941. Fritz Meier served in the 3rd battery"Lothringen", Noirman Point, Jersey (feldpost numer  15981)


He moved to leichte Marine Artillerie Abeilung 682 which was formed on the island of Belle Île, (subordinated to Seekdt. Bretagne) in April 1942.

In August 1943 this unit was moved to Toulon where it surrendered in August 1944.


No awards were entered in the soldbuch. He was promoted to Obergefreiter on the 20th of April 1943. There's one additional page in the soldbuch for receiving tropical clothing.


He was promoted to Marine Art. Obergfreiter on the 20th of April 1943





condition: good, all documents are folded, soldbuch is slightly worn, but complete

Soldbuch Grouping Marine Artillerie Channel Islands-Belle Île/Bretagne-Toulon

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