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Rare death card to Peter Arent, Oberfeldwebel in einem Sturmregiment der Fallschirmtruppe. He was decorated with the Iron Cross First+ Second Class, etc. On his death card he's pictured with the Fallschirmschützenabzeichen des Heeres.


He participated in the famous assault on the Belgian Fortress of Eben Emael, being a member of the Sturmgruppe Granit (Trupp 3) 


He was KIA on the third of December 1942 in El Bathan,Tunesien. ( Zugführer Stabskompanie FJR5)

Peter Arent is buried at the cemetary of Bordj-Cedria.

Condition: good, normal traces of aging

sterbebild-death card Oberfeldwebel Arent, Sturmgruppe Granit Eben Emael

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