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Single citation top rare glider unit+award to  Unteroffizier Helmut Bock,3./L.L. Geschwader 1 for the Wound Badge in Black for being wounded the first time on the 17th of August 1943.  The Geschwader suffered heavy losses on this date when American bombers attacked the airfield at Istres in South France.


Issued on the 12th of September 1943  and  hand-signed by Major u. Gruppenkommandeur Hans Krug (rare signature!). FP-Number 35065  stamped=I. Gruppe Luftlande-Geschwader 1


condition:  citation: folded, traces of aging
                       badge: in a worn, but good collectable condition

Urkunde Verwundetenabzeichen Schwarz Luftlande- Geschwader 1+Abzeichen, Istres

SKU: 24092
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