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Wehrmacht Festungsbau Dienstbuch issued to Anton Jung.  The booklet was issued on the 28th of November 1940 in Bitburg (Eifel).


Anton Jung was born on the 24th of October 1893 in Fischbach/Saar.


He served with Festungs-Pionierstab 15 (Freiburg) from 1.4.1938 till 22.5.1939
and then with Festungs-Pionierstab 23 (Bittburg/Eifel) from 22.5.1939 till 1.8.1940


He was awarded the Schutzwallehrenzeichen on 21.5.1940. Jung was also a member of the NSDAP with party number 6907383.


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Wehrmacht Festungsbau Dienstbuch Westwall

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