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Wehrpass and Übersendungsschreiben to Oberschützen Josef Weber


He started his military career with the 2./ Infanterie Ers.-Btl.53 from 21.11.1939 till 9.3.1940. After that he was transferred to Infantry Regiment 394 (Occupation Poland).

He completed some trainings e.g. Generalstabslehrgang in Berlin (30.9.1940-31.3.1941)

He was also trained as Melder and Gewehrschütze and could handle the K98, Maschinegewehr 08/15 and 34, Stielhandgranate 24, and Pistole08.


From 6.6.1941 he saw action with Infantry Regiment 445 at the Eastern Front. Infantry Regiment 445 was part of the 134. Infanterie Division. This division was part of Heeresgruppe-Mitte. During the advance towards Moskau in December 1941 the division was engaged in the defensive battles at Klin (90 km from Moskau).


He was decorated with the Infantry Assault badge on 20.09.1941.


Josef Weber  was KIA on the 13th of December 1941 and is now burried at the war cemetary of Kursk-Besedino.


Some pages are not scanned because no writings were entered, but they are however in the wehrpass. 


Condition:  wehrpass is complete and in a good condition

Wehrpass Oberschütze Infanterie Regiment 445, 134. Infanterie Division

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