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Wehrpass+ 32 pictures to Gefreiter Fritz Wiehle


He started with the 1./Infanterie-Ers.-Batl 12 Halberstadt. From 6.1.1942 till 12.3.1942 he saw action with the 7./Infantry Regiment 283 on the Eastern Front for which he received the Eastern Front medal.


On 12/3/1943 he was hospitalized for 2.-3. degree frost bites which affected his toes. He received the black wound badge (14/7/1942) and finally the silver grade of the wound badge because the loss of a couple of toes (14/11/1942). He was finally discharged on 20.9.1943.


condition: good and complete

Wehrpass+ 32 pictures decorated Gefreiter Inf-Ers. Btl 12/ Infantry Regiment 283

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