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Wehrpass to Gefreiter Max Grieser. He was born on the 4th of March 1921 in Holländerdorf, Verwaltungsgebiet Scharnikau/Czarnków (Posen-Wartheland).


Max Grieser started his active military career in February 1941 with the 2. Schwadron. Fahr-Ers-Abt. 28


He was trained with the K98.

Grieser was promoted  to Gefreiter on the 1st of February 1942 while serving in the 14th Company of Grenadier Regiment 453.


From 28.9.1941 till 15.11.1942 he saw action with the 14.komp. (Panzerjäger) of Infantry Regiment 453 (253. Infanterie Division) at the Eastern Front. In November 1942 Infanterie Regiment 453 was renamed to Grenadier Regiment 453. From 25.8.1943 till 24.1.1944 he served in the Stabskompanie of Grenadier Regiment 453.  Max Grieser was KIA at the 24th of January 1944 at Tschirkowitschi, Belarus during a Russian air raid.


He was awarded  the Ostmedaille (17.7.1942) and KVK II Klasse mit Schwertern (1.9.1943), both while serving in Grenadier Regiment 453, which was part of the  253. Infanterie Division


condition: good, nothing denazified and complete


The Wehrpass comes with a not so often seen "Ausweis der Deutschen Volksliste". A pass that was issued to people of German ethnic descent who lived in an occupied or annexated region. Max Grieser came from Czarnków which belonged to Poland before the war. Complete with passbild.


Also included is his death certificate and 3 examples of the letter of the Kompaniechef to his father.

Wehrpass+Ausw. der Deutschen Volksliste+Papier Gefreiter Grenadier Rgt. 453

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