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Wehrpass to Leutnant der Reserve Hans Sie. He was born on the second of May 1914 in Hamburg.


Hans Sie started his active military career in October 1936 with the 14. Panzerjäger Komp. of IR47 at Lüneburg.


He was trained with the K98, PAK and hand grenades. He received the Schützenabzeichen I. Schiessklasse 1937/1938 for the PAK.


He saw many promotions and rose from Oberschütze (1.10.1937) to Leutnant der Reserve (1.3.1942)


He came in action during the campaign in Belgium ( attack on Antwerp, Kanaal Gent-Terneuzen,...), campaign in France and its occupation. On the 18th of January 1942 his unit was moved to the Eastern Front where he was KIA  2 months later on the 18th of March 1942 during defensive battles at Kopzy (Wolchow Front).


Geburtsurkunde, Heiratsurkunde and Sterbeurkunde of  Hans Arthur Karl Sie are included. These are folded and perforated. condition: used



condition: good, complete with passbild, nothing denazified

Wehrpass Hans Sie 14. Pz-Jg Inf. Reg. 376 Belgium-France-Russia

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