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Wehrpass to  Schütze Otto Exner. He was born on the 22nd of April 1909 in Cosel, Kreis of Breslau.


Otto Exner started his active military career in May 1940  in the second company of Infantry-Ers.-Btl. 49 in Breslau-Carlowitz and was trained with the K98.


In August 1941 he served in the 1. Inf-Ers.- Btl. 164. He was  moved to the Eastern on the third of October 1941, serving with Infanterie Regiment 183. He was KIA on the 10th of January 1942 at Dimitrijewskoje.


condition: good, complete with passbild, nothing denazified


Wehrpass Otto Exner, Infanterie Regiment 183, KIA Eastern Front

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