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Wehrpass to Lieutenant Wilhelm Ruthert. He was born on the 30 th of April 1913 in Todtenhausen, Minden.


Ruthert started his active military career in July 1939 with the 6. Kompanie E.II/Infanterie Regiment 18 at  Detmold


He was trained with the K98, leichtes Maschinengewehr 34+26, Gewehr n 24, Handgranate 24+39, Pistole M 22 and MP 38/40


Wilhelm Ruthert saw several promotions and he made it to Leutnant d.R. (promotion on the first of March 1942


1.10?.1939 Gefreiter

1.6.1940 Unteroffizier
1.1.1941 Offiziersanwärter
1.8.1941 Feldwebel
1.3.1942 Leutnant d.R.


From 23.9.1939 till his death in 28.6.1942 he saw action with 2. Kompanie of Infanterie Regiment 278 (95. Infanterie Division)


He came in real action during the battles for the Maginotlinie in France. In june 1941 his unit was moved to the Eastern Front (Shitomir, Kiew, Kursk,...)Wilhelm Ruthert was KIA on the 28th of June 1942  at Sjabrewo.


He was awarded  the EK2 (23.5.1940) and the EK 1 (1.7.1940!) for his actions during the French Campaign while serving in the 2.Kompanie Inf. Rgt. 278 ( part of the 95th Infantry Division)

26.9.1941 Infanterie Sturmabzeichen and the Ostmedaille posthumously.


condition: complete and nothing denazified

Wehrpass Leutnant EK 1 1940 France, Infanterie Regiment 278

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