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Wehrpass+Schutzhülle to Obergefreiter Otto Ziegler  He was born on the 6th of April 1910 in Poppenlauer, Bad Kissingen


Otto Ziegler  started his active military career in April 1940 with the Infantry Ersatz Btl. 55

After training he served in Infantry Regiment 319 from 18.5.1940 till 31.12.1940.


1.1.1941-21.9.1941: 2.Komp/Landesschützen Btl. 826

22.9.1941-23.12.1941: 1./ Inf.Ers.Btl.97

 24.12.1941-13.5.1942: 3./ Infantry Regiment 268



He was promoted to Gefreiter on the 20th of April 1941 while serving with the Landessschützen Btl. 826. On the first of May he saw his last promotion to Obergefreiter


While serving with Infantry Regiment 268 he was KIA on the 13th of May 1942 at Sofijewka, Oblast Charkow. He received the Eastern Front Medal posthumously on the 28th of May 1943


condition: good, complete with passbild, nothing denazified

Wehrpass Obergefreiter kia Ukraine-Charkov 1942 Infantry Regiment 268

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