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Wehrpass and some additonal documents to Obergrenadier Herbert Schliephacke.


Herbert Schliephacke  started his military career in February 1942 with the Infanterie Ersatz Btl. 82 which was later reformed to the Reserve Grenadier Btl. 82


He was promoted to Gefreiter 11.12.1943 and to Gruppenführer Schütze 12.1.1944.


2.3.1943 till 3.8.1943: Aufstellung der Division und Sicherung Dänemark with Grenadier Regiment 194, part of 71. Infanterie Division. He became ill for a while and returned with Grenadier Regiment 194 to see action in Central Italy from 12.6.1944 till 9.8.1944. On the 9th of August 1944 he went MIA at Roncitelli, Ancona Region.  It turned out that he was taken prisoner by the Allied Forces.


The Wehrpass comes with the following extra documents (all folded):


- Letter of the Kompanie Führer to the father
- Übersendungsschreiben zum Wehrpass
- Certificate of discharge


condition: good, complete

Wehrpass+extra paperwork Obergrenadier Grenadier Rgt. 194 Ancona, Italy 1944

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