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Wehrpass to Unteroffizier Erich Lobstadt  He was born on the 11th of May 1919 at Wolfen, Bitterfeld.


Feja started his active military career in November 1939 with the 1./Infanterie Ersatz Btl11 stationed at Leipzig.


He was trained with the K98, Handgranate, Maschinengewehr 34 and Eihandgranate.


Lobstadt was promoted  to Gefreiter on the 1st of June 1940 and to Unteroffizier on the first of April 1942.


From 20.11.1939 till 19.11.1940 he saw action with the 9.Kompanie Infanterie Regiment 456 (256. Infanterie Division) at the Western Front (Belgium and France) He was then transferred to the 9. Kompanie of Infantry Regiment 686 (336. Infantry Division) which was formed from troops of Infantry Regiment 456 and 176.  He was part of the occupying forces in Belgum(1.5.1941-31.5.1941) and protection of the Atlantic Coast in France. In May 1942 the division became part of the 6. Armee en was transferred to the Eastern Front where it saw action at Belgorod, Charkow and Rossotsch. In September 1942 he was wounded, most probably during the battles at Tschir. 

He was discharged as Unteroffizier on the 20th of September 1944.


He was awarded  the Wound Badge in Black (11.9.1942) , EK2 (18.09.1942), Infantry Assault Badge (22.9.1942) and the Wound Badge in Silver (24.7.1944 see page 38)


condition:  nothing denazified and complete

Wehrpass Unteroffizier, Infanterie Regiment 686, 336. Inf.Div., 4 awards

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