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Wehrpass+ 5 Feldpost Letters to Unteroffizier Johann Nebrich. He was born on the 17th of October 1915 at Burgen.


Nebrich started his active military career in June 1937 with the 2./Infanterie  Regiment 107 stationed at Bad Kreuznach(Wehrkreis XII)


He was trained with the K98, Handgranate, Maschinengewehr 34, Pistole 08 and Handgranate. He was also trained as Pferdepfleger (horse groom)


Nebrich was promoted  to Oberschützen on the first of October 1938, to Gefreiter on 1.12.1938

1.1.1940 he was promoted to Obergefreiter and on the first August 1941 he was finally promoted to Unteroffizier.


From 3.9.1939 till 26.10.1939 he saw action in the so-called Saar-Offensive (the French ground invasion of Saarland as reaction to the German invasion of Poland) followed by the invasion of Luxemburg, Belgium and France (Maginotlinie, Aisne-Übergange, Reims, Pas de Calais,...)


22.6.41 his regiment was deployed at the Eastern Front as part of the 34. Division (Gomel-Wiasma-Moskau-Juchnow). Unteroffizier Josef Johann Nebrich was  KIA on the 28th of January 1942 at Krjukowo / Juchnow.


He was awarded  the  Westwall Ehrenzeichen (23.7.1940), the Wound Badge in Black+ EK 2+ Infanterie Sturmabzeichen on 17.10.1941

condition: traces of aging(mainly pages 1 till 7),  nothing denazified and complete

Wehrpass Unteroffizier, Infanterie Rgt. 107 Inf. Division 34, 4 Awards

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