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Wehrpass+ Urkunde Verwundetenabzeichen in Silber to Gefreiter Johannes Wölfer.  He was born on the 21st of March 1909 in Metz.


Johannes Wölfer  started his active military career in July 1939 with the 2. Erg/Infanterie Rgt. 53 at Weißenfels from 18.7 1939 till 26.8.1939.


After training he served in the 7th company of Infantry Regiment 455 from 27.8.1939 until he was discharged on the 30th of December 1939.


He was called up up again in 1943 and rejoined the Wehrmacht with  Stamm-Kompanie-Grenadier-Ers.-Btl. 32 in Teplitz-Schönau.


He was trained with the K98, MG 34 and Handgranate


He was promoted to Oberschütze on the first of October 1939 while serving with the 7./Infanterie Regiment 455. On the first of August 1943 he saw his last promotion to Gefreiter


While serving with  the 9th Comp. of Grenadier Regiment 385(1.6.1943-7.9.1943) he was severily wounded west of Charkow on the 31st of August 1943 and eventually died in a field hospital on the 7th of September 1943.


He received the Wound Badge in Silver on the 6th of September 1943 although the award was never entered in his Wehrpass. 


The Wehrpass was sent to the relatives in a white cover of Wehrmeldeamt Eisleben (denazified)


condition: good, complete with passbild,

                       attempt to denazify the cover of the Wehrpass, but the inside is intact

Wehrpass+ Urkunde Verwundetenabzeichen Silber Gren. Rgt. 385 Charkow

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